Living on the Edge of Poverty: Samantha’s story

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Samantha and her little girl, Azayleeah

Shawnel Toomey, our Essential Services Supervisor stopped me the other day to meet Samantha and Azayleeah.  They had just finished meeting with Shawnel for help with a rent delinquency.  Happily, we were able to assist the issue with funds from the HAP Rental Assistance program.

I was glad to meet the two and Azayleeah is as pretty as her name sounds.  I chatted briefly with Samantha about their life and the circumstances that led them to need a little bit of help.

Samantha is a single mother who put herself through school.  She works to support Azayleeah, but it’s just not enough, especially when her car broke down and she had to “magically” come up with the extra money to fix it.  No car, no job.  The tough hurdles of life.  Samantha voiced her frustration of being one of the working poor.  She is proud of her accomplishments, but still feels ridiculed for using services like WIC. “I was checking out (of  a local grocery store) and used my WIC to pay for some of the items, when this lady behind me says under her breath “Get a job”.”

We wish only the best to Samantha and Azayleeah and because of you, we were able to help this family keep their home and many others just like them.

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