Thank you All for your on-going support!

You make what we do worthwhile!

Here are some pictures from our “Meet and Greet” held recently at the Italian Civic Club.

Shown at left are a few of our board members:  Nancy Mangilo-Bittner seated by her husband at left, Debra Mealy in the center,  and Connie Haibach at the far right.   Other board members present included Brian Williams, our board president; as well as retiring board members Keith Hough and Carol Powell.  We thank them for their service to our organization.

~Helping our neighbors, because we care!~

The Center for Family Services helps those who are struggling to get back on their feet with life’s essentials: food, clothing, shelter, and utilities.  Other programs provide parenting and financial guidance.  We build the foundation for a brighter future for Crawford County families by assembling the building blocks to respond to a family’s unique needs.

At CFS, we are.. Changing lives | Fulfilling needs | Giving hope

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