The gifts you ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????give are like seeds in the wind.  They can be carried for days or sit dormant for a month.  It never ceases to amaze that they find exactly the right place to land and grow.

Matthew’s family stood in the Center’s lobby. Mom and Dad looked tired and his little brother fidgeted.  His family lost everything in a fire the day before and four year old Matthew wasn’t  sure what was happening.  One of the staff approached with a smile and knelt down. She had collected some things for his family and held something else in her hands for the boys.  She asked Matthew “Do you like cars?” “Yes” he said shyly and then exclaimed, “These are just like the ones Santa brought me!”, showing his parents.  Mom and Dad smiled.  These cars had been lost in the fire, too.  The family was helped with many things that day; clothing and items given by our caring community and advice, direction and compassion, made possible by the resources you provide. 

That pack of cars had been donated weeks before with another child in mind.  That child’s mother had told us to “Save them for another boy, we’ve been given so much.”  The chances that they were exactly what Matthew needed at that moment in time, is amazing.

Seeds of hope, growth and change

You give the “seeds” that are used to grow the hope of an improved situation and the change from desperation to self-sufficiency.  Your monetary gifts make sure that local families get the help they need.  It may be a pair of hands finding a warm coat or the determination to fight for someone’s home when facing foreclosure.  You give the seed.  It is nurtured and planted exactly where it needs to be, just like that little pack of cars.  Your generosity is the means to transform bad into better.

In the coming year your help is needed in expanding the reach of the Center for Family Services programs in our community.  Please help us on the journey of growth and change by making a donation.   You hold the seeds. Together we will make them grow.  Thank you for your donation.