Making tough choices

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Megan and her daughter Sienna

No where else to turn

Megan stopped by on a cold January afternoon. She was pushing a stroller with a happy baby inside.  Megan needed some help and she didn’t know where else to go.  Her furnace had an issue in December and it caused her gas bill to go up.  Living on a limited income, this was an issue.  She was short $30.

Now, $30 may not seem like a big deal to many people.  To Megan it meant no diapers and some new clothes for Sienna, the cutie in the stroller.  Our dilemma was a shortage of funds at the time.  It happens.  We couldn’t help out with the $30 shortage by paying her bill.  What we did offer, was an alternative.  Megan was given enough diapers to make it until she was sure to have more funds available and we gave her a voucher to shop for baby clothes at our Center Thrift Store.  Sienna now had some better fitting clothes as she grew.

The diapers were purchased through donations and the clothing is donated.  The staff present to help her figure out the problem was provided by you, our donors.  Having someone who understands and is willing to help, even when there are no funds, is a true blessing.



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